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The Georgia Young Farmer program is the adult education component of Georgia's Agricultural Education program.


Georgia Young Farmers AssociationThe Young Farmer Program began in 1951 and functioned as an instructional program coordinated by full time young farmer teachers. In 1971, the Georgia Young Farmers Association (GYFA) was organized as an extension of the instructional program. The purpose of the state association is for the coordination of state level activities and to provide leadership activities for members.


County Young Farmer Programs conduct educational seminars on everything from agricultural technology to legislative issues affecting agriculture. The local advisor plays an instrumental role in providing these opportunities and assisting farmers in the community.

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Georgia Young Farmers Association
ABAC 34, 2802 Moore Highway (map)
Tifton, Georgia 31793

GYFA President: Greg Mims (Seminole County)
Executive Secretary:  John Allen Bailey
State Advisor:  John "Chip" Bridges



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Membership in GYFA is open to anyone who is supportive of agriculture and agricultural education.

The GYFA has 55 county associations and over 4,500 members. For 33 consecutive years, the GYFA has claimed the largest young farmer membership in the nation.
To become a member, please contact your local chapter.


If you need direction to your local Young Farmer Program, please contact us for assistance. |Contact Info|

Georgia Young Farmers Association


Georgia Young Farmer Teachers provide instruction through organized classes on everything from new farming techniques, risk management strategies, water management, and agricultural awareness to legislative issues affecting agriculture. Providing on-site technical assistance is a strong part of the program.

USDA Agricultural Research Service

USDA Agricultural Research Service

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Georgia Young Farmers Association
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